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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  June 4, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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geeky candidate. >> not only that, but a non-christian presidential candidate, that's worse than a black president in some places. >> i address that in the book. >> that will do it for us. i'm dylan ratigan and "hardball" is up next. >> time for drama, mr. obama. let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start tonight with the obama team. you need something to sell, you need something people want. they want and they know only you can give them. what they want, mr. pres, right now are jobs, jobs, jobs. that's what they want right now. they want to see unemployment headed downward like gangbusters, in fact. only when you get people working, mr. president, will you see confidence start to build out there. and the best way to get
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confidence even higher is to presenting jobs and in the short run a bay partisan debt reduction program in the long run. i can't imagine anything better than the news last friday than rolling out a positive campaign that meets this country's two great concerns. we start with msnbc political analyst howard feinman, and david corn, author of a great new book "showdown." you can actually buy that book at a bookstore. it's not just a theory. it's not one of these e-books. any way, guys, i think everybody knows friday was a bad day at black rock for the administration, just a bad day. it was a bad day because we all thought it might be coming, the debt turnaround where the unemployment rate was creeping down to 8.1 which started to go up again, symbolizing the market for the bad. the market went down 300 points on friday.
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the worst that i saw, gentlemen, was the growth rate of this economy this whole year has been about 8.9%. we're not growing. >> what that means is it puts the focus squarely on what the president has done so far and what he plans to do minute by minute from here on. you're harping on the big jobs program -- >> does that make reference to me? >> harping? no, focusing on. >> thank you. >> the obama camp will say, look, we have to explain that mitt romney is not capable of getting us out of this situation. and that may be true, but before voters get to that, they need to know what the president -- remind me what the president has done and what in this dire situation, and it's still rather dire, even though the overall signs have been somewhat positive, what's he going to do? they did it the other way. the obama people delivered and he said, we're going to start by trying to strangle the romney campaign at birth. for a whole host of reasons,
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that really didn't work. >> the obama campaign is set to air in ten states battling romney as governor of massachusetts. >> instead of hiring people from his own state, romney outsourced jobs to india. he cut taxes for millionaires like himself while raising them on the middle class and left the state 2.6 billion deeper in debt. so now when mitt romney talks about what he would do as president -- >> i know what it takes to create jobs. >> -- romney economics. it didn't work then and it won't work now. >> this was a great ad. i think it's so much on the market up until friday, and this is. i think the theory has been in
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this period before the summer, when people. . voters who didn't pay attention to the gop primaries when he was attacked relentlessly. i've talked to people connected to the campaign that told me folk has shown them the massachusetts argument, that a than the bain attack. i don't know why that would be sorks strategic plan. the one thing we know about obama and his. i'm all for that. they throw whatever they can. but the real issue. . they want to do everything they can to make sure this is not a referendum. but when you have those job reports, they come out again
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month after month after month, it makes it really hard to say, this is about me and the other guy. >> let me tell you in terms of his position, but it seems to me you had to have something to fight for, like harry truman. i want to create 5 million jobs. wherever it is, something you can point out to bain or who just physically getting up lifd. >> they did this last week shooting on their hands. >> the poll numbers got much better for him september, october or november after he did that with the and where. >> they have a five-point plan,
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but. >> it has a few scraps on the table and it's not a big idea. don't forget, barack obama got elected on big ideas about himself, his story about health care, about turning the economy rarnd, really big things. and i think he's gifted in that way, so he needs to. . . a big idea, a big decision, you made the rule? sfouchlt why didn't he do it again? >> ahe had a sense of vision evn through the debt ceiling when he talked about shared sacrifice, investments. he's done this time and time
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again. he lost track of that a little bit, but again, that might be strategic. >> why is he playing it safe? >> i don't think he's playing it safe. i think right now it's tear apart romney. it doesn't mean he won't get to this. >> you might agree there are a lot of people with rights today saying, what should be done about the economy? republicans claim to have the answer: slash spending and cut taxes. but that's precisely the policy we followed the last couple years. for all practical purposes this is already the economic policy of republican dreams. so the republican electoral strategy is, in effect, a giant it gipz by following policies that president obama hasn't followed because the gop won't let him, and our woes could be cured by pursuing more of the same policies that have already
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failed. all the jobs that have been disappearing over the last whatever years have been public sector jobs. >> if you're going to argue for the kind of program you're talking about, and you're also going to talk about taxes, you need to do the two of them together. the president got maneuvered into a position here a few times when it looked like the argument was only about taxes. it wasn't about what you want to do with the money. >> i know. >> it wasn't about what you want to do with the money, and health care might be great or might not be, but it's not as tangible, and, as you said, the famous consultant gart opp. the president tried, but he also said the biggest lie in america is shovel ready. >> well, i think. >> i agree by the way, don't be
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embarrassed by that word. >> it's a good word. >> don't forget, what happens in europe could have more impact -- which is why he's going to have anything if place. >> one of the things i m memorized. if there's no consumer spending right now, americans are hoarding a little bit, trying to put money in the bank to pay off debts. businesses, $2 trillion they're sitting on right now. maybe some of that they don't really want to help obama, but it's probably all business decisions. so of the three forces of nand are the consumer who is not spending, the business is not
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spending is? government. if they want to reduce job payrolls, gee, they're not doing anything. why is it smart for the government to do nothing if they're not doing anything. >> she comes back with the government will lead to por economic enforcers. something the tea party types. there have been cuts in corporate tax rates, we kept the bush tax kuts in effect and it hasn't but i think the other thing here, chris, is a matter of experience. barack obama was an optimistic candidate in 2008. one could argue maybe 2 months heifer better than i did.
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>> looking look he had the witte of the. so i believe he shouldn't be on there with that wonderful, charming grin, either. what that shows me is the message they're communicating there is that's a guy with the weight of the world on his shoulders who deserves credit for his seriousness and how grave he is, but it kind of fits in with this kind of grim tone that this campaign has had so far. it's hard for an incumbent to attack the challanger. that's always word. wh when! are you getting.
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i figure they want to make a change. along carries harry truman. a failure in business, by the way. it's a better sales pitch. he comes along, harry truman, without a lot of formal education, and goes across the country saying, we're going to do this. and then he goes at 1:00 in the run, i was no air-conditioning. all right, congress, i'm calling you back into session and you're going to pass. it wouldn't be a bad thing for him to say, come on back. but you would have to there are several people doing.
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many. the last thing you want speaking on your behalf is an elected official. >> i can't think of businesses around the country that would do it. action, right? >> obstruction or science, all of that. >> obstruction replace the smell of decay with the smell of construction. >> can't argue with that. >> thank you. is the american system sitting on piles of cash that would help bring down. the republican tact at keeping voters in the voting boothsesment then a big wisconsin revote tomorrow. what effects will it have on november? how many miss. that's in the side show, and that is hardball. the place for politics.
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once again, a high profile democrat is chalking up hillary clinton for president. nancy pelosi told the chronicle that hillary represented the best chance for female president in her lifetime. it looks like in about 2016. pelosi says, why wouldn't she run? she's a magnificent secretary of state. she's our shot. that's a pretty powerful endorser by our speaker, nancy pelosi, for hillary clinton as president in 2016. er. ♪ listerine® whitening... power to your mouth. the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools, people making stuff.
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companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪
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torp today american companies have nearly $2 trillion sitting on their balance sheets. and i know many of you have told me you're waiting for demand to rise before you get off the sidelines and expand, so i just want to encourage you to get in the game. >> wow. welcome back to "hardball." that was president obama in february of last year speaking to business leaders at the chambers headquarters here in washington, imploring them, as you just heard, to stop hoarding cash and start investing in the
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american economy. you can see they didn't take his advice at all. the numbers of cash with that red line over there hits $2 trillion. the numbers that are hoarding have risen dramatically in the past decade, can that sitting on that kauch, and a lot corporate tax treasure. >> in a moment we're going to be talking about cnbc's jim cramer. i'm talking about this and trying to thipg about this honestl honestly. if you're a big politician, they're sitting around waiting
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why don't we wait six months to a year until we have the right regulatory environment and a lower corporate tax rate, because that's what romney is promising them. would this be some perverted way of saying we can screw obama by saying we're waiting for the republicans to come in. >> chris, there's just so much going on here. there are. private equity in other places and you hear it up here in new york all the time who are hanging back because they think that they would prefer to have a in place that are work capable. it's a business, there's no discussion about it all the who meet the reality over and especially over these last to months. the question is how much to
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inve invest, when at least a few months ago there were concerns about energy prices because there might have been hostilities between israel and iran. a lot of people see what's going on. i want to wait until the economy sizes motivation. >> if. believe it, the government spends too much, they ought to spend vehicles. they are marching in step without a reclining demand, they are reducing demand themselves. they're not getting himself. the goose the consumer sdard buying any more who what. they're you will going to sit
2:21 pm
around and explode with enthusiasm if obama loses this race in november. sist sister. and i think there is some degree of truth to that being a motivating factor here, but there is also, and as president obama could tell you having raised a lot of money on wall street in 2008, having raised a lot of money of incorporated 2008, so there are a lot of. . going after their 1% in policy, going after them for grabbing most of the wealth in this country through tax policy and everything else. are they resentful enough? >> yes, yes. my answer is that the president's rhetoric has been -- this is just -- i'm not saying
2:22 pm
they're justified in feeling this way, but if you talk to people in business and finance, you talk to them about the actual substance of the president's policies, the substance does not bother them as much as the rhetoric. they think the rhetoric is divisive, think thai been targeted. i think the function of the policy is what they should be focused on, but as a reporter, i'm just telling you, if you talk to people in business finance, they'res ones that, and they wish in their view it's not as populist. in their view. >> jim, thanks so much for joining us. i have no idea what you're going to say. here's my argument. if the business community keeps saying to itself we want a better regulatory environment, lower explanation for, or is that more of no, ma'am.
2:23 pm
i think they're waiting for the rest of the world to get better. i ceo is. . we better not put up if i more plants or equipment because we can't move this stuff. >> what about all this advertising i watched yet lo. high-end cars, lexuss, audis. are they the high end car sales? is that what's going on? you got john slattery out of med ved. >> here's the thing. 14 million cars will be sld up. the house is not that street coming on big.
2:24 pm
t our country is stronger than people think. >> isn't it true? >> yes. we got one bad employment number, okay? we had numbers last week that were extraordinarily good. do you know how many people get to work in the car business? it's the most important driver of an economy. high end cars and low end cars. >> i want to ask you, i want to go back to heilman. you first, david. he knows it's a way of rubbing this president's nose in something, it's a way of expressing his kret tud for the agenda, and this isn't just for the yaa, judge why isn't he talking birthing touch that spontds.
2:25 pm
there's so many issues involving washington but. . why is he out there as a smart businessman if he's got to deal with other businessmen to make deals with him? >> he makes a lot of sense when he comes on our network on tuesday mornings, but the executives i talk to, they're far more concerned with the fact that oil has come down now, that they're worried about joining -- concerned about asia or china -- >> your concern is not about messing these boys' leagues. let am me go to heilman. why is trump out there -- it's a big noise out there with. how. i know a lot.
2:26 pm
i know. >> why is he doing it? >> because it gets him air time. nobody takes donald trump seriously but he made headlines. you said it's the biggest story last week. i think in the end donald trump likes attention, this gets him attention. >> i think it doesn't hurt at all with the right wing business community. and cramer knows more than he says. cramer, you're so smart but you're holding back. welcome. up next, a possible romney running mate may have just taken himself out of the running by talking up -- i love it, i guess -- president obama. that's next on
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you know, people ask me, what was it like to run for the presidency of the united states? and i tell them, let me tell you, i was the front runner for a while, and it was the three most exhilerating hours of my life. it was awesome. >> that was rick perry at north carolina's gop convention this weekend reminiscing about his moment in the spotlight. he took the advice there, if you have a problem, hang a lantern on it. next to the miss usa pageant which aired last night on abc. some were in a little trivia contest. they didn't fare too well and the subject was politics. one of the questions was who is the present vice president of the united states? >> oh, god. >> oh, this is bad.
2:31 pm
i just read an article. >> joe biden. >> i don't know anything about politics, so i don't know. >> joe biden. >> joe biden. >> i don't know. i'm blanking. >> joe biden. >> world peace. >> world peace? anyway, one of the contestants was a catch-all question, about the mixed results during the competition last night, thanks to arsenio hall. let's watch. >> how do you explain so many of them not knowing this answer? >> well, i have to say i went through that process about 4:00 in the morning, and i'm very tired, and i think a lot of the girls just answered the question, they weren't very positive, but they really do know who the vice president is. it was just a really long day. it was like midnight. >> who is it, by the way? >> biden. biden! >> okay. they were up late. >> that earned her a lot of applause. that reminds me of jay walking and i guess ignorance is bliss.
2:32 pm
virginia governor bob mcdonnell is a potential vp for might romney, but yesterday he found himself dancing around the fact that he did provide a lifeline to his own state of virginia. >> nearly a trillion dollars in stimulus and that was one-time spending. >> did it help? >> did it help us in the short run with education spending, balancing the budget? did it help in cutting the unemployment rate? i would say no. >> so just a tiny bit of credit to the president. >> sure. i would say there are national policies that have had some impact. >> what do you think, the juice is worth the squeeze there? she did get him to admit it but just to say "sure." the public effort to keep democratic voters from voting hits a snag, and that's good. the voting rights advocates finally got some good news here, and that's ahead. you're watching "hardball," the place for politics.
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i'm hampton pearson with your cnbc market wrap. the dow reverses earlier losses to end down just 17 points. the s&p is up a fraction, the nasdaq rose 12 points. factory orders dropped 0.6% in april, falling for the third time in four months. economists expected a gain. it was another rough session for facebook shares which slipped nearly 3% to close below $27 a share. and groupon lost more than 7% in under $9 a share, a new low. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. now back to "hardball."
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welcome back to "hardball." voting rights advocates in florida recently won two big victories. first a federal district court judge blocked part of the state's new law that placed restrictions on voter registration groups. the judge called some of the requirements on groups like the league of women voters, quote, harsh and impractical. they sent letters to the state warning them to stop purging names from the rolls. governor scott had plans to mark citizens who were devoted to the state. democratic voters are the likeliest to be targeted in such a purge. what will be the most likely? judith brown is the co-director of the advancement project, a civil rights group. i want to congratulate you, judith, because it seems like you have a victory here.
2:38 pm
basically the federal court judge said you can't go to groups like the league of women voters, the people who walk around with clipboards and register people, and tell people they have to have petitions in within 48 hours, because they might be getting petitions signed on friday or saturday. there's already 48 hours gone. >> that's right. groups like the league of women voters and the other organizations that register, people can be back in business. we know that this goes against what the republican party really wants to see, which is voter suppression, which is making it harder to register and making it harder to vote. and so florida has a little bit of a black eye this time. >> with groups like league of women voters and rock the boat said the new florida law makes it impossible to register new voters. last week, as i say, robert keng he will. he said, if they're going to
2:39 pm
discourage voter registration drives and that's also going to make it harder for new voters to register, this may work. otherwise there is little reason for such a requirement. why would you set a requirement? you got to get your petitions in in 48 hours. why doucet a requirement in the law? >> there was no intention to suppress -- >> why would you make a two-day deadline? >> in my views, the deadline seemed reasonable. the judge struck that part of the law down. a majority of the law stands, which will create -- >> wait a minute, i'm going to call you there because everybody watching can figure this one out. if i'm working in front of a safeway somewhere and i'm registered people who aren't remg sterd, and it's 5:00 noon at 5:00. >> if a laeps, late this
2:40 pm
afternoon is of little value and probably the things saturday morning. the law was written to make sure we have controls and processes in place to ensure the integrity of the vote. i'm no lawyer. the judge ruled on the 48-hour piece of the law and it's gone, and it is what it is. but to suggest that republicans want to suppress the vote -- >> you don't have to be a lawyer to own a calendar or know what a weekend is. a weekend is 48 hours. how can you can with them on a tight deadline and you turn it in first thing. so thingz. this is ridiculous. making it harder to register to vote. that impacts black and latinos
2:41 pm
who are more likely to register through these register guides. we can't, which is passing voters suppression laws which impacts those who turned out in record numbers and it all for personal gain. >> in warren warr, florida, the attempt to purge might be for the voters' rights. any changes affecting voting had to be submitted for approval. quote, it is necessary that they either be grum pi for that court and. . your thoughts on that, why are you public to vote -- and here's what your viewers
2:42 pm
believe -- every person who has the right to vote ought to be able to cast a ballot. anything less than that is negligent. we know that there are non citizens on our roles, and we've been talking about this for ma. . if they would give us who on our rolls are non-citizens. it would be that sichl. but they won't participate he will. >> see, someone. he's wrong on this fact. the department of homeland security also has a problem with their database. they're not going after
2:43 pm
non-citizens, they're going after voters. >> are you denying them access to these lists? >> she's actually saying it's because of privacy issues. they have problems allowing the states. . if we looked at where these laws are passed over the past year, about 71% of votes to end the presidency has made it harder to vote. >> do you ever have any meetings in your party, mr. chairman, where you actually talk about ways of making it harder to vote? do you ever talk about that so you can win.
2:44 pm
the 90-year-old world war ii veteran was not removed from the voting rolls. there was a discrepancy, it was handled, he was contacted and he's eligible to vote. >> maybe this is fair. you tell me if it's not. in pennsylvania where i grew up, they have a law that you have to have a government-issued id to vote. people 70 years and above aren't driving cars, but don't just drive into their 80. how are they supposed to get one of those. i didn't do it. >> your viewers would agree that a voter i.d. is a reasonable requirement to cast a ballot. if you want to buy beer, you have. >> not when you're 90.
2:45 pm
>> thanks plenty of time to get an idea if they feed it. >> i hope they take you up on that in philly. it would be great to have a guy from florida get up and help with the door to door. congressman bob brady. who else was he too busy. >> i might go up into it. thank you, judith brown. a lot of people were saying this is the second most important election of the year after the presidential election. there's so much. le. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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and before you reduce or stop dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. ask your doctor about cymbalta. imagine you with less pain. cymbalta can help. go to to learn about a free trial offer. new poll numbers from that hot senate race in massachusetts. republican senator scott brown has a slim two-point lead over democrat warren. and a new poll from western new england university has warren in the lead, favorite 45 to 43. this is going to be a nail biter. we'll be right back. last season was the gulf's best tourism season in years.
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we're back, tomorrow in wisconsin, tom barrett faces off against scott walker in the big recall election out there. a new poll released yesterday showed the race tightening with walker leading barrett by three. look at the real clear politics average. the recall is a high risk high reward proposition. democrats are cautiously optimistic, but republicans now have a spectacular get out and vote campaign in wisconsin. with me now is gwen moore. tell me about the morning of this to the country and
2:51 pm
wisconsin, this recall vote tomorrow. >> thanks for having me, this is tretly important tremendously important to us. this is family business. it's not about president obama who has his own constituency in the state. it's about scott walker and what he has done to decimate the progress of our state. we learned today that tim lusz -- russell, one of the indicted folk, told investigators that walker has indeed stone walled their investigation. so he is probably the target of an criminal investigation in this state. >> that doesn't mean he is guilty. >> no, it doesn't mean -- that's exactly right.
2:52 pm
and, but you know this is about trust. and he has shown throughout his actions just taking away the table for collective bargaining, raising taxes on the elderly, on the poor -- women taking away health care for women, and so what that is really translated and meant is that we have a tremendous ground game. we have seen record turnout, our early turnout rivals what happened in 2008. >> let me go to the party chair about some of the logistics involved. isn't the standard malfeasance? corruption? isn't fairness to say that scott walker is guilty of either? is it just bad politics? >> no, i think that in wisconsin, chris, the recall
2:53 pm
statute gives the citizens here an opportunity if an elected official behaves in such a manner they find so egregious that they can't wait to the end of the term. if he is corrupt or not, i think he is at best guilty of nefarious behavior. >> what do you think the turnout will be. all of the teachers unions, do we have -- who do you have out there? >> we have a small aft and a fairly large nea contingent -- >> will they be part of this. >> they are 110% on board and i know the congresswoman has been traveling all over milwaukee and i have going all over. we have a fantastic turnout operation. this is what we do.
2:54 pm
we organize. we don't have as much money as the other side, we get our voters out and that's what we'll do tomorrow and i'm very confident that we will beat scott walker and make serious history here. >> do you agree congresswoman? >> it may be a blessing in disguise that we have been outspent 15 or 16 to one. this has forced us to revive the vote. for us to put people and troops on the street, meet with voters face to face. our 18-year-old seniors in high school are going to vote, and we're having a sunrise church service tomorrow with reverend jesse jackson. you can feel the beat. >> you're an inspiring leader and i appreciate -- i love hopefulness and ground games and people meeting people. thank you, good luck. i guess i can say good luck tomorrow.
2:55 pm
when we return, let me finish with president obama's big moment to build baby build, i'm talking about creating things in this country again,
2:56 pm
2:57 pm
2:58 pm
let me finish tonight with a need for president obama to do something, something big. i watched the republicans in congress say they don't want him to succeed. i watched american business hold
2:59 pm
back trillions of dollars. why is there no debt deal between the president and the congress. don't both sides see the same brog down the road. i think the president has two options right now. he can wait this out and go into november hoping there be is a sudden spurt of investment out there, or he can put a big proposal out there for all to see for him to campaign on, and dare the republicans to say no. i think the president would be in the strongest possible position for moving the country from where we are to what we want to be. do what presidentizen hour did in the 50s. he built the highway system. now it's time for another president, this one, a democrat,


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